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Tony Jones Photography

At the end of February 2016 I posted a video to youtube of me and my dog having fun on my couch, and 24 hours later I had 1 million views. Then 48 hours later it had 2 million views, and by the day after that I had already been contacted by a media firm wanting to license the video for me, and had 3 news agencies contact me about wanting to interview me followed by a Japanese TV show.

This was filmed in March via Skype and lasted 52 minutes as there was a translator for the producer and myself. It kept getting bumped on air due to several news related events including the Olympics and the U.S. Presidential election. I, personally, feel I’m more important than both of those things by I digress.

Here is the video from that interview. I think it’s amazing, and hilarious.

Here is the video of mine that went viral!